A Land That Unfolds as You Explore: Cappadocia Turkey

Cappadocia Turkey is a region that hosts dozens of stories in the course of history. There are dozens of artifacts in this region that keep the historical stories alive. One of the main factors that make it one of the leading tourist locations in Turkey and even the world today is the historical accumulation of Cappadocia. These savings are sometimes brought to tourism with the places to visit in Cappadocia, and sometimes as activities to do in Cappadocia. Among the things that make the Cappadocia region, an important tourist region is Cappadocia hotels, fairy chimneys, valleys, churches, underground cities, museums, historical places, and local food. However, what makes the Cappadocia region unique are the accompanying Cappadocia activities.

There are dozens of interesting stories that you can learn with admiration in the Cappadocia region. The reason why Cappadocia activities are what makes the region unique is the opportunity to perform these activities within the historical and natural structure. For example, when you think, “What is it like to stay in a cave hotel?”, there are dozens of options for you to experience this. Because Cappadocia has an accepted reputation with its stone houses and cave hotels.

Or when you ask, “What is the experience of flying like a bird in the sky?”, there is an opportunity to experience this better than anywhere else with the Cappadocia balloon tour. Or, when you say, “Where to do adrenaline activity in nature?”, the options that meet your request are in Cappadocia. Among the adrenaline-filled activities in Cappadocia, the first thing that comes to mind is the Cappadocia ATV tour. In addition, the Cappadocia horse tour, jet boat tour, and also Jeep Safari tour are among the exciting activities of Cappadocia.


You have planned a trip to Cappadocia to get the experiences we mentioned. In this case, you will ask, ‘Where to stay in Cappadocia?’ Another feature that makes the region a unique tourism region is the Cappadocia hotels. You have accommodation options in dozens of different categories in Cappadocia, especially in Urgup and Goreme, such as historical texture, rooms with baths and Jacuzzis, rooms with pools, and rooms with balloons views, rooms with fairy chimney views, cave rooms, and luxury rooms.

Among the Urgup hotels, you can stay in hotels with a cave hotel concept such as MDC Hotel, where each room has a Cappadocia jacuzzi and many rooms have private Turkish baths. Urgup hotels have adopted a style that is integrated with the Cappadocia valleys and Cappadocia history, especially within the natural structure of Cappadocia. Thus, guests who prefer Urgup hotels for Cappadocia accommodation can breathe the air of the region in real terms. In addition, Goreme hotels are the hotels that have captured the traditional architecture of the region and the modern comfort concept. We especially recommend you choose the hotels with a story among the Cappadocia hotels.


With all that we have told, of course, it is not possible to introduce the Cappadocia region. Before coming to the region, we recommend you read our Cappadocia articles, where you can find information about Cappadocia on our HTR Blog page. Let’s continue our guidance with the first question you will ask when you read our HTR Blog articles.


Where is Cappadocia Turkey?


The center of Cappadocia in Nevsehir province. It would not be wrong to say that Cappadocia is in Nevsehir. However, this might be a bit of an understatement. Due to its location, Cappadocia is a region that includes some areas in Kırsehir, Aksaray, Nigde, and Kayseri provinces. Of course, most of the Cappadocia region is within the province of Nevsehir. Therefore, the region is known as Cappadocia Nevsehir.


Turkey Cappadocia Nevsehir


Although Cappadocia is identified with the province of Nevsehir, we see that the guests who come to Cappadocia ask questions such as ‘How is the transportation from Nevsehir to Cappadocia?’ or ‘How many kilometers between Nevsehir and Cappadocia?’ What is actually meant here is the transportation from Nevsehir to Urgup or the transportation from Nevsehir to Goreme. Therefore, let’s talk about the Cappadocia directions so that it can be a regional guide when you come to Cappadocia. Let’s share information about how the transportation between locations is done by bus or car and how long it takes.

Activities To Do In Cappadocia Turkey


There is no limit to the experiences to be gained in Cappadocia. In particular, the natural structure and historical texture of the region accompany the activities in this region, making the activities extraordinary. When you travel to Cappadocia, we recommend that you add Cappadocia-specific experiences to your plans. In addition to sightseeing tours within the region, there are also experienced tours. The most well-known of these is the Cappadocia balloon tour. One of the most photographed and also shared touristic experiences, especially in the Instagram social media application, is the Cappadocia balloon tour.

Cappadocia balloon tour is a unique experience with the pleasure of flying freely in the sky and also watching the view of Cappadocia from meters above. The light dance of the sunrise on the fairy chimneys is worth seeing. Cappadocia hot air balloons fly almost every season of the year. The determining factor in hot air balloon flight is wind speed. Cappadocia balloons fly from Goreme. The skies of Goreme turn into a visual feast when a flight is made. Although not as much as living in this visual feast, it is also valuable to watch it.


You can get the balloon experience in Cappadocia from a different perspective by participating in a balloon cruise tour. Some hotels even offer free balloon cruises, especially for honeymooners. For example, when you make your Cappadocia honeymoon reservation from MDC Hotel, you can get a free balloon cruise service. With the balloon cruise tour, you can enjoy the view of Cappadocia at sunrise. Speaking of the viewing tour in Cappadocia, another experience you can get is by watching and also actively participating in the Cappadocia Turkish Night experience.


Cappadocia Turkish Night is another Cappadocia activity where you can best end the day after excursions and activities during the day. This activity is held in the famous restaurants of Cappadocia. These restaurants are historical places and are compatible with the architecture of the region, and they serve local dishes of Cappadocia. However, the night is accompanied by traditional Turkish Folklore and theatre performances. Of course, you can choose this night with or without alcohol. When you choose alcoholic beverages, an additional experience will be added where you can taste Cappadocia wine. Famous wines of the Cappadocia region are served in these restaurants.


Along with these experiences in Cappadocia, there are also activities where you can experience different emotions while visiting the region. Cappadocia Jeep Safari tour and Cappadocia ATV Tour are among these experiences. Especially with the ATV tour, it will be very fun to cross the rough terrains in the valleys of the region and to tour the valleys with these motors. With Cappadocia Jeep Safari, you can dive into adventures in the hills of Anatolia’s mountains. The thing you will need most while doing all these activities is to collect these memories. When you say, ‘Where to take a photo in Cappadocia?’ or ‘How to take a photo in Cappadocia?’, we are with you again as HTR Tur.

With our photographers who are experts in Cappadocia photography, we capture the right poses for you in the valleys and landscapes of the Cappadocia region. We have different packages ranging from a comprehensive photoshoot to location-specific or activity-specific photography. If you want to get information about the Cappadocia photo shoot, you can contact our HTR Tour agency.

Places to Visit Cappadocia Turkey


Among the must-see places in Cappadocia are the Cappadocia valleys, churches, museums, underground cities, and fairy chimneys.


Cappadocia Valleys


There are dozens of valleys with both natural beauty and historical texture in Cappadocia. Cappadocia activities are also carried out in these valleys. However, the Cappadocia valleys are the best places for photo shoots with their unique visual stances and Cappadocia marriage proposal organizations.


Cappadocia Churches


Cappadocia Buckle Church

The church is located near the Goreme Open Air Museum. The Buckle Church is a 10th-century building and is particularly famous for its frescoes mentioning the 12 Apostles. These frescoes also contain scenes from the Bible. Buckle Church has recently undergone a restoration. This restoration was made by an Italian delegation, and after the restoration, frescoes from the 10th century were also revealed.


Cappadocia Apple Church


It is known that the name of this church was given by an angel with an apple in his hand in the Michael fresco inside the church. However, the apple trees growing in the region also laid the groundwork for this name. This church underwent a restoration in 1991. However, some of the frescoes of this Apple church could not survive the spillage.


Cappadocia Barbara Church


The name of this church comes from Saint Barbara, one of the important figures of Christianity. St. Barbara is a saint who continued her beliefs and fulfilled her worship despite all the pressures during her lifetime. However, due to this situation, he was martyred by his father by cutting his head. Because of this sin, his father died as a result of being struck by lightning on a sunny day. Dedicated to St. Barbara in the 11th century, this church is one of the prominent churches of Cappadocia with its dome structure in the middle.


Cappadocia Yilanli Church


Yılanlı Church is a church with a long corridor and an arched structure. The snake or dragon that killed the personalities of St. Theodore and St. George is depicted on the wall of this church. This is where the name of the church emerged.


Cappadocia Dark Church


It is one of the most popular churches in Cappadocia. The structure, which was built on 4 columns, has survived to this day, largely preserved. This is a monastery built in the 11th century. The frescoes and the reflection of the artistic understanding of the period must be on the church walls in the churches of Cappadocia.


Cappadocia Carikli Church


The Church, named after a fresco symbolizing the ascension to the sky in Jerusalem, is in Goreme. It is like the Dark Church in terms of its architectural style.


Cappadocia Museums


Zelve Open Air Museum


Located near Avanos, Zelve Open Air Museum is 1 km from Pasabagları. are at a distance. It is in the Zelve Valley, where the most intense fairy chimneys are located in the Cappadocia region. It is one of the best-known open-air museums of Cappadocia, especially with its monasteries, churches, and historical cave houses.

Guray Museum


Guray Museum is one of the most visited museums in Cappadocia. This is one of the few underground museums. The design of the museum, where both modern and historical artifacts from Anatolia such as ceramics and pottery are exhibited, is worth seeing.


Goreme Open Air Museum


2 km from the town of Goreme. This Open-Air Museum, located far from the city center, is a place with history at every step. Especially the cave structures in the museum were used for different purposes such as a church, dining hall, home, and health center. In this way, visitors can learn about the lives of people 1000 years ago.


Nevsehir Museum


Damat İbrahim Pasha Mansion was restored and turned into the Nevsehir museum in 1967. In this museum, especially the artifacts obtained during excavations in the region are exhibited. It is possible to see very different stone structures, usage materials over a thousand years, and artworks from the Christian period of Anatolia in this museum.


Chez Galip


Chez Galip Hair Museum takes its name from the owner of the place, Chez Galip. He is an artist. He has pottery and tile mastery. In this museum, especially the souvenirs prepared by him and his students are exhibited. We recommend everyone who comes to Cappadocia to see the works of this artist whose name has reached the world.


Aksaray Museum

Aksaray Museum, which draws attention, especially with mummies and human skeletons, is in Aksaray province, 1.5 hours away from Nevsehir.

Cappadocia Turkey Places to Stay


There are world-famous hotel options for accommodation experience in Cappadocia Turkey. The most prominent places to stay in Cappadocia are the cave hotels and stone houses unique to the region. Especially Urgup hotels are famous for Cappadocia cave hotels. With its 15 years of history and tourism experience in Urgup, we can place the MDC Hotel, one of the largest hotels in the region, at the top of the list of places to stay in Cappadocia.



Cappadocia Cave Hotels


Turkey Cappadocia cave hotels are structures that emerged when the cave areas that were used by the people of the region as accommodation, worship, shelter, granary, animal feeding, or wine cellar in the past were transformed into hotels today. We can say that Cappadocia cave hotels are a unique accommodation concept for Cappadocia honeymoon couples, especially in terms of comfort and naturalness. You can reach our HTR Tour agency to make reservations for the unique cave hotels of Cappadocia. Let us find the most suitable cave hotel for you.


Cappadocia Hotels with Pools


The room concept, especially demanded by Cappadocia honeymooners, is the Cappadocia Turkey Pool Rooms. The comfort of resting while watching the view of Cappadocia cannot be found everywhere in the rooms with their private pool. Of course, in order to experience this rare comfort, it is necessary to accept to pay different amounts than in other hotels. However, staying in hotels with pools and rooms in Cappadocia more than deserves it. You can contact our agency to book a Cappadocia hotel with a pool or a room with a pool in Cappadocia.


Cappadocia Turkey Hotels with Hammam


Baths, which have an important place in Turkish culture, have been the places people prefer for cleaning in history. Private baths have become a preferred concept, especially thanks to the spread of Turkish Bath culture to the world. There are hotels in Cappadocia where you can feel the cultural climate of history and geography in the best way. Among these, especially Cappadocia hotels with bathrooms and rooms with unique baths are the styles that guests frequently seek. MDC Hotel, on the other hand, is a hotel that stands out among the hotels with a Turkish bath in Cappadocia. You can contact our HTR Tour agency to book a Cappadocia hotel with a Turkish bath.



Cappadocia Turkey Hotels with Jacuzzi


MDC Hotel, which has a jacuzzi in every room, is the leading hotel in the region in terms of hotels with Jacuzzis in Cappadocia. In particular, the private jacuzzi in each room offers its guests an unforgettable accommodation experience. We provide support to our guests regarding their requests for Cappadocia jacuzzi hotels and Cappadocia jacuzzi rooms, by their budgets and by meeting their demands most accurately. You can contact our HTR Tour agency to book a room with a Jacuzzi in Cappadocia.

Turkey Cappadocia Tours


One of the most frequently searched topics by the guests coming to Cappadocia is Cappadocia Tours. There are various categories of Cappadocia tours. These categories are determined by the duration of the tours, the places visited, and the activities within the tours. It is enough for the guests who will participate in the Cappadocia tour program to tell our HTR Tour agency what kind of Cappadocia tour they dream of. We are able to create the Cappadocia Tour program according to the needs and wishes of our guests.

Daily Cappadocia Tours Turkey


Cappadocia daily tours are a way of traveling in Cappadocia, where guests visit the most important places of the region in 1 day or participate in activities such as balloon tours, ATV tours, and horse tours. Daily Cappadocia Tours are usually priced to include meals. You can reach our HTR Tour agency for Daily Cappadocia Tour.


Cappadocia Tours From Istanbul


It is the Cappadocia Tour preferred by our guests who want to experience an unforgettable Cappadocia holiday by reaching Cappadocia from Istanbul. After boarding your flight from Istanbul, we can meet you at the airport and help you design your trip with services including accommodation and tour services. For this, it is sufficient to reach HTR Tur.


Cappadocia Tours From Ankara Turkey


Ankara is one of the closest metropolitan cities to the Cappadocia region. Therefore, we serve as HTR Tour for Cappadocia Tours for people who arrive in or live in Ankara from Ankara.


Cappadocia Regional Tours


There are tours in different categories classified according to the location in Cappadocia. In these tours, it is aimed to see the special areas of the region. The most preferred Cappadocia region tours are Red Tour, Green Tour, and Blue Cruise.


Red Tour


Cappadocia Red Tour route consists of Devrent Valley, Pasabagları, Open Air Museum, Avanos Pottery Workshops, Uchisar Castle, and Goreme Panorama routes. This tour, which lasts an average of 1 day, is offered with the assurance of HTR Tour, including food, transportation, and guide service. You can contact HTR Tour for a reservation.


Green Tour


Cappadocia Green Tour route consists of Ihlara Valley, Belisırma Village, Selime Monastery, and Underground City routes. This tour, which lasts an average of 1 day, is offered with the assurance of HTR Tour, including food, transportation, and guide service. You can contact HTR Tour for a reservation.


Blue Tour


Cappadocia Blue Tour route consists of Kızılcukur Valley, Cavusin Village, Underground City, and Pigeon Valley routes. This tour, which lasts an average of 1 day, is offered with the assurance of HTR Tour, including food, transportation, and guide service. You can contact HTR Tour for a reservation.


Cappadocia Turkey Honeymoon Tour


Cappadocia honeymoon tours are the honeymoon concept most preferred by newly married couples in Turkey. In these tours, different factors, from the condition of the hotel where the accommodation is made to the tours included in the package content, determine the prices. Cappadocia honeymoon is a really rich place, especially for married couples to embellish and make unforgettable these special days when they take the first step into marriage. You can reach the best Cappadocia honeymoon operator page in the region to prepare your Cappadocia honeymoon plan and get comprehensive support on this subject.



Cappadocia Cultural Tours


Cappadocia cultural tours are tours where you can learn deeply about the historical and geographical structures of the region. In this regard, as an HTR Tour agency, we work to provide our guests with the most accurate information about the region through experienced guides. By participating in Cappadocia region tours, you can have the opportunity to get to know this region, whose history, culture, and accumulation exceed a thousand years. You can make a reservation from HTR Tour to participate in the Cappadocia region tour.



Cappadocia Turkey Underground Cities


The underground cities of Cappadocia are among the sightseeing places that attract the most attention from the visitors in Cappadocia. Among the most well-known underground cities of Cappadocia are Kaymaklı underground city, Derinkuyu underground city, and Ozkonak underground city. As HTR Tour, we organize a special Cappadocia underground city tour about these underground cities. These tours are made with private vehicles and private guides and the number of people in the tour group is limited.


Ozkonak Underground City


It is a 4-story underground city, 14 km from Avanos district. It is located in the town of Ozkonak. There are dozens of rooms, ventilation shafts, and wine preparation areas in Ozkonak underground city.


Derinkuyu Underground City


Derinkuyu underground city, the largest underground city in Cappadocia, has 8 floors. There are churches, living areas, and many rooms in this underground city, which goes down quite deep. In particular, such underground cities were built in history to protect themselves from enemy attacks. Enemies or soldiers were asked not to think that there was any life in the area as they passed through the area. In this way, the people of the region were able to protect their provisions and lives. Derinkuyu underground city is a mysterious structure that everyone who comes to the region should see.


Kaymakli Underground City


B.C. This underground city, which dates back to 3000 BC, is known for its narrow corridors and underground rooms. This area, which was built with such good engineering at such an old date, amazes its visitors.

Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys


Fairy Chimneys are one of the first images that come to mind when Cappadocia is mentioned. Fairy chimneys, which are a geographical formation, attract attention especially because the formation process took many years and reached today. However, the presence of dozens of fairy chimneys in different sizes in the region creates unique landscapes.


Three Beauties Fairy Chimneys


The Three Beauties Fairy Chimneys are in the Urgup district of the Cappadocia region. It is known for the legend of the Three Beauties and the story of the Three Beauties. There are various rumors about this. Stories are told that these Three Beauties Fairy Chimneys represent a family and then they are frozen. However, as it is known, fairy chimneys are purely geographical formations. It was formed because of floodwaters eroding soft rock pieces and these waters could not reach the high points of the rocks, causing hard rocks to remain there.

Turkey Cappadocia Directions


Buses, planes, and private vehicles can be used to reach the Cappadocia region from different cities. You can go to Cappadocia by bus, and you can reach Cappadocia by bus going from the bus station of your city to Nevsehir Bus Terminal. Transportation to Turkey Cappadocia by plane takes place from 2 airports. By landing at Kayseri Airport, you can reach the Cappadocia region by shuttles. Likewise, you can reach the Cappadocia region by landing at Nevsehir Airport by shuttles. It takes an average of 1 hour to reach Cappadocia from Kayseri Airport by shuttle. Transportation from Nevsehir Airport to Cappadocia by shuttle is 50 km away and takes 45 minutes. Therefore, if you are going to use a plane to get from Istanbul to Cappadocia, then you can choose any of the Kayseri or Nevsehir flights that suit your budget and time.


How to get to Cappadocia?


There are alternative routes to reach Cappadocia. Especially for transportation to the Cappadocia region by road, the Ankara highway from Istanbul, the Afyon road from the Aegean, and the Samsun Road from the Black Sea can be preferred. In addition, from the East and Southeast regions, you can reach this region by using the Adana Road. It will be the right choice to travel to Cappadocia in a private vehicle. Because here you can go anywhere you want with your vehicle. If you provide transportation by plane or bus, not with your personal vehicle, then you can join Cappadocia Turkey tours. As HTR Turkey Tours agency, we try to provide the best service in Cappadocia tours and activities to be done in Cappadocia. You can contact us about everything about your trip to Cappadocia.

You can use Nevsehir Bus Terminal to reach Cappadocia by bus. After reaching this bus station, you can reach the important places of the region by taxi, minibus, or shuttle services.


How to Get to Urgup from Nevsehir Bus Station?


There is a minibus service from Nevsehir Bus Station to Urgup every 15 minutes. You can choose these minibusses to reach Urgup from Nevsehir Bus Station. It is 20 km from Nevsehir Bus Station. You can also reach Urgup by taxi. Some hotels in the region also offer transfer services for their guests. You can also choose to use this service. You can contact us to get information from our HTR Tour agency about transfer services within Cappadocia Turkey.





How to go to Goreme from Nevsehir Bus Station?


It is possible to go to Goreme from Nevsehir Bus Station by using private-public buses. The boarding fees of these buses, which depart very frequently from the stop in front of the bus station, are around 10 TL. Nevsehir Bus Station is 19 km from Goreme. and is at a distance. The bus journey at this distance takes around 1 hour.


How to Get to Cappadocia from Nevsehir Bus Station?


Private-public buses, minibusses, and taxis can be used to reach Cappadocia from Nevsehir Bus Station. It should not be forgotten that Cappadocia is a region here. The most preferred touristic districts and towns in this region are Urgup, Goreme, Avanos, Uchisar, and Ortahisar. Transportation to these places from Nevsehir Bus Station is around 1 hour by public transport and 20-30 minutes by private car. How long does it take?


Nevsehir Airport Transfer


The airport has its own shuttles for transportation from Nevsehir airport to Cappadocia. These shuttles drop off their guests until the district centers of Urgup and Goreme. However, some hotels provide transfer services. For example, if you made your reservation from MDC Hotel, MDC Hotel offers a transfer service. While making your hotel reservation before planning your flight, you can also arrange the airport transfer.


Kayseri Airport Transfer


The airport has its own shuttles for transportation from Kayseri airport to Cappadocia. These shuttles drop off their guests until the district centers of Urgup and Goreme. However, some hotels provide transfer services. For example, if you made your reservation from MDC Hotel, MDC Hotel offers a transfer service. While making your hotel reservation before planning your flight, you can also arrange the airport transfer.


What to Eat in Cappadocia?


Cappadocia is a region with special tastes in Anatolian cuisine. Among the local dishes of Cappadocia;

– Avanos Testi Kebab,

– Pumpkin Seed Noodles,

– Wrapping Leaf,

– Knot Soup,

– Urgup Meatballs,

– Nevsehir Mantısı,

– Dry Cream,

– Doz

are available. There are restaurants where you can reach the famous wines of the Cappadocia region, especially with all these tastes. You can call our HTR Tour agency for reservations at the best restaurants in the region.


Urgup Restaurants


Urgup restaurants are generally in the cave and stone concepts, which are unique to the region. Restaurants in Urgup and Goreme, specially where Turkish Nights are organized, are among the famous restaurants in the region. In addition to these, Revithia, Chef Remzi, Santor, and Gusto Aydede Mangalbası restaurants are also prominent among Urgup restaurants.


Goreme Restaurants


Goreme restaurants are generally in the cave and stone concepts, which are unique to the region. Restaurants in Urgup and Goreme, specially where Turkish Nights are organized, are among the famous restaurants in the region. In addition to these, Kale Terrassa, Viewpoint Restaurant, Topdeck Cave Restaurant, Mozaik Restaurant, and Fat Boys restaurants are among the prominent restaurants in Goreme.


Turkey Cappadocia Vacation


Cappadocia is a region that brings together all the features sought in a holiday. For this reason, it has become one of the largest tourism locations in the world. Cappadocia offers its guests adrenaline experiences to unique accommodation opportunities; It opens up opportunities that offer different experiences and pleasures, from wine tastings to cultural trips. What you need to do before planning your Cappadocia holiday is to consult a place that knows the region well. By contacting our HTR Tour agency, we can prepare the most suitable Cappadocia holiday experience together.

Turkey Cappadocia Travel


Cappadocia is a very rich region in terms of places to visit. For this reason, if you want to travel to Cappadocia as a group or as a team of an association, company, or any institution, there are many areas to learn and have fun while traveling in this region. Cappadocia is also the right place for events and meetings. In terms of Cappadocia event tourism or Cappadocia organizational tourism, it is especially good for people who want to hold meetings with their employees or teammates and inhale the scent of nature and history.

Preferring the hotels with meeting rooms in the region at this point will allow you to continue your holiday while doing your work. In Cappadocia, we serve as an agency in large group planning such as meeting organizations or wedding organizations. Our team will serve you with all their efforts to realize the organization you dream of in the best way possible. You can contact our HTR Tour agency for a Cappadocia organization reservation.